Playa Philosophy Videos

I like to talk about Burning Man a lot…in addition to the Tips videos.

A response to the criticism of Burning Man’s lack of eco-consciousness.


The Playa is underwater! The cops are creating a Police State! (Spoiler Alert: Its allllll gonna be okay!)
NOTE: Focus is messed up. ­čśŽ

One thing that could ruin Burning Man…

Gifting with Black Rock Scouts

Theme Camp as Whirlpool

Fly Ranch Thoughts

2017 Theme Discussion

Freak Flag Activism

Burning Man is Dead

Radical Inclusion Today (Re: Women’s March)

2016 Burning Man Miracles

How does business motivation theory relate to pink fur couches?

Chasing The Pink Playa Papaya

Dealing with Drama at Burning Man:

00:36 Mindfulness Meditation
05:18 Beginning of Belief Buffet
TOPIC: Thoughts on dealing with drama at Burning Man.

PART 2: Gay Marriage & Political Differences:

Snark vs Sparkle

The Burning Man/Grandpa Connection:


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