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#24 “Festivals vs. Burning Man”


How are Festivals different from Burning Man & 10 Principles events?

FESTIVAL: Organizers curate lineup & entertainment.
BURNING MAN: Organizers establish Framework only.

FESTIVAL: Ticket bought in exchange for entertainment. (Transactional)
BURNING MAN: Ticket bought to contribute your share of the city infrastructure.

FESTIVAL: Attendees are either Entertainers, Staff, or Audience
BURNING MAN: Every participant is Host, Medic, Janitor, Tour Guide, Audience and Entertainer.

FESTIVAL: Physical division between stages & RV and camping area.
BURNING MAN: No “Stages” area vs. “Camping” Area

#18 “Being SHY at Black Rock City”

A response to an email question about Playa Shyness:

“I’m heading home for my third burn this year and I am wondering what advice you’d give me… I don’t know if shy is the right word but it’s the word I’m going to use.  I’m shy.  And one of the ways this affects me in BRC is that I don’t feel like walking into camps.  Even camps I know are there for everyone, I just feel like I’m an outsider, or like I don’t belong or am intruding on everyone’s happy time together.  So let’s say I came by Pink Heart and saw you and wanted to come over and say hi.  I’d feel like I would be interrupting whatever conversation you were having or I’d stand there awkwardly not wanting to bother you but wanting to say hi and I just don’t know how to not feel like I’m bothering people or like I’m a random stranger and not one of them.  Or even just going in to the camp and… just hanging out or flopping on a couch or whatnot.  It all feels so… I’m not sure.  Like I shouldn’t because I’m not part of something/the camp/the friendships.