#24 “Festivals vs. Burning Man”


How are Festivals different from Burning Man & 10 Principles events?

FESTIVAL: Organizers curate lineup & entertainment.
BURNING MAN: Organizers establish Framework only.

FESTIVAL: Ticket bought in exchange for entertainment. (Transactional)
BURNING MAN: Ticket bought to contribute your share of the city infrastructure.

FESTIVAL: Attendees are either Entertainers, Staff, or Audience
BURNING MAN: Every participant is Host, Medic, Janitor, Tour Guide, Audience and Entertainer.

FESTIVAL: Physical division between stages & RV and camping area.
BURNING MAN: No “Stages” area vs. “Camping” Area

2 thoughts on “#24 “Festivals vs. Burning Man””

  1. Yes yes yes. Not only are you of course spot on but you really hit the nail on the head when you mentioned how many people are finding BRC from a source other than a previous participant. Which means it’s up to us to educate the masses even more! Thanks for this, great one to share.


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