2 thoughts on “#2 Tips & Tricks: Burning Man Basics”

  1. Hi Halcyon,

    Thank you deeply for the gracious and fun gift of your website and wonderful videos. I will be a virgin at Burning Man 2015 and my heart is full of inspiration and awe as I prepare to participate in and contribute to the love on the playa. I am overwhelmed by how much I don’t know, yet find that I cannot possibly stay away. So I research, and prepare, and ask lots of questions of Burners who have gone before me. Honestly, it is not the tangible challenges (self-reliance) that I find intimidating, but the shedding of all the faces I wear in my daily life. I want to bring my true, higher self … which I cannot yet name but believe is yearning to break free and shine. Perhaps I will not bring that self to, but find that self on, the playa. I am ready for an adventure.


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